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How to remember Ingress Glyphs

You only need a few hours to become an Ingress Glyph Master. With help of some mental image hacks, you can amaze your faction friends.

To remember the Ingress glyphs quickly and easily, you need to associate each of them with a mental image.

In theory you can use any mental image that appears to you when you see the glyph, but in practice this makes it more difficult than necessary to decode glyph sequences, since they are sort-of sentences.

In these pages, I have collected my mental images for each of the Ingress glyphs, attempting to associate the glyph with the encoded message. And where my own mental images fell short, I added contributions from readers like you.

How to use these pages

Do not try to learn the glyphs just by studying these pages or any others like them. You need to excercise your muscle memory, so the best thing is to use an app to train the glyphs. I use an app called "Glyphs" on iOS that has the glyph for Again as its icon.

Then bookmark this page. While training with an app, you can refer to the mental images whenever you encounter a new glyph for which you want a hint how you could remember it.

If at any point you have a better suggestion for a glyph hint, or if you miss glyphs, please mail your hints to me.


Lets get going

Here are all the glyphs.
There is also a presentation of all glyphs